World Languages and Cultures available online

This online radio will allow individuals and institutions (schools, colleges, universities and public libraries) to have a free access to the language learning radio. What one needs to do is to tune in during the scheduled time for the specific language. All our audio programs are bilingual hence easy to understand and follow. This is the easiest way to learn on your own at anytime and anywhere. Listen and repeat, it’s that easy to learn a new language!

Tune in and learn any of the following world languages:

International Languages (Beginners and Intermediate levels)

  • English-French
  • English-Spanish
  • English-German
  • English-Chinese
  • English-Italian
  • English-Japanese
  • English-Hindi
  • French-Arabic (Apprenez l’Arabe en ligne)
  • English-Portuguese
  • English-Persian
  • English-Filipino (Tagalog)
  • English-Polish
  • English-Tamil
  • English-Gujarati
  • English-Urdu

African Languages Audio Programs (Beginners and intermediate levels)

  • English-Swahili
  • French-Swahili (Apprenez le Swahili)
  • English-Lingala (Apprenez le Lingala)
  • French-Lingala
  • English-Dholuo
  • English-Kimaasai
  • English-Kikamba
  • English-Maragoli
  • English-Ekegusii
  • English-Somali
  • English-Lubukusu
  • English-Kalenjin
  • English-Kimeru
  • English-Luganda
  • English-Kikuyu


Download our audio books and begin your journey towards learning new language!